Saving money

Rs 10 = Rs 200 000 :5647d278-3ddb-4f25-9e81-580159092158-large

If You Save Rs 10 Each Day (which is Very Easy to Save) then in 20 Years, you Shall have : Rs 73,000. 10 X 365 X 20 = Rs 73,000.

But the Power of Compounding is Very Powerful.

Due to Compounding Effect, the Value is Rs 200,000.

Imagine If You Save Rs 100 Each Day, Instead of Rs 10, then the Amount Shall be Very Very Big.

When You Become Old then Put the Above Amount in Fixed Deposit of a Bank & You Shall Earn a Fixed Interest Every Month.

This Shall take Care of Your Old Health & Your Medical Expenses.

You Need Not Depend on Your Kids.

Life is Very Easy. What It Requires is Systematic Planning.

Therefore Save Money Money.


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